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Satisfying and retaining current customers is 3 to 10 times cheaper than acquiring new customers (Source: Telefaction).

What are you doing to keep your customers satisfied and loyal?

Factors such as the new global economy, increased competition, and a tighter rein on spending means it is more crucial than ever for businesses to understand the needs of their customer base. As such, benchmarking and tracking customer satisfaction is a key part of any rounded customer retention strategy, as well as providing valuable insight into attracting new customers.

The key is to act on real data, not just on intuition or anecdotal information. A customer satisfaction surveying program is the best way to give you real insights on what your customers are really thinking and what they really want from you, allowing you to obtain actionable data on areas such as service levels, staff responsiveness and customer experiences. Not only that, but customer satisfaction surveys can also have a direct, positive impact on your bottom line through loyalty building and referrals.

The PeoplePulse™ satisfaction survey solution gives you actionable data on how you can better serve your customers, improve your business and provide invaluable word-of-mouth advertising through improved service delivery.

Our solution for Satisfaction Surveys is unique in that it combines:

Unrivalled survey software that delivers feature-rich, actionable reporting data available online 24 x 7.
The appointment of an expert survey Project Manager to your account to provide advice and hold your hand throughout the research process.
A proven research solution that can be easily customised and is suitable for organisations of all sizes.
Satisfaction Surveys
The Proof Is In Our Client Base:

Our primary focus is in the Australian and New Zealand markets. We have over 250 corporate and Government clients of all sizes, from smaller 25 person firms to organisations with 25,000+ employees. A small sample of our satisfaction survey clients include:

  • Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Department of Human Services
  • ANZ Bank
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Origin Energy
  • Gold Coast TAFE
  • Sensis
........And many many more!

Our client's feedback is our strongest endorsement:

What a pleasure it has been to work with your system and your team. Issues are always politely and speedily dealt with and nothing is ever a hassle.

- Ms Natalie McCormack

The PeoplePulse technology made our surveys easy, quick and affordable. I have been highly impressed with your survey software – thanks again for the fantastic service you have provided.

- Ms Fleur Edwards

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Satisfaction Surveys