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Your Customer Satisfaction Survey
... Why second guess what your customers really want?

What could be more important to the health of your business than having a deep and intimate understanding of what makes your customers tick, and what you could be doing to better satisfy their needs?


So now answer this honestly: When was the last time you ran a formal customer satisfaction survey for your business?

If your answer is slightly embarrassing to you, do not fear, because with the advent of online customer survey technology it's probably easier than you think to run an effective customer satisfaction survey.

And let's be clear - the benefits are far reaching. Aside from the obvious benefit of getting up-to-date actionable data on what your customers think and what you need to do to better serve them, many are surprised to learn that their customer satisfaction survey can actually have a direct impact on sales.

How so?

What say you added a well-worded lead generation question at the end of your survey, seen only by those customers that indicated they were happy with your product or service. It could be along the lines of 'Where you aware that we also offer X and Y? Tick the box below if you are interested in finding out more about them' ... or 'Do you have any friends that you think may be interested in our product or service?'.

The inclusion of such questions can dramatically increase the value you receive from running your customer satisfaction process.

Ready to find out more?

The PeoplePulse
customer satisfaction survey solution is an excellent option for organisations wanting to establish a sound customer satisfaction assessment process, receive actionable data, and receive maximum return on investment.

Our customer satisfaction survey solution is unique in that it combines:

Unrivalled survey software that delivers feature-rich, actionable reporting data available online 24 x 7.
The appointment of an expert survey Project Manager to your account to provide advice and hold your hand throughout the customer satisfaction survey set up, invite and reporting process.
A proven customer satisfaction survey solution that can be easily customised and is suitable for organisations of all sizes.
Customer Satisfaction Survey
The Proof Is In Our Client Base:

Our primary focus is in the Australian and New Zealand markets. We have over 250 corporate and Government clients of all sizes, from smaller 10 person firms to organisations with 25,000+ employees. A small sample of our customer satisfaction survey clients include:

  • Virgin Mobile
  • Australand
  • Talent 2
  • IAG Insurance
  • Gibson Sheat Lawyers
  • Guardian Trust
........And many many more!

Our own customer's feedback is our strongest endorsement:

The PeoplePulse technology made our surveys easy, quick and affordable. I have been highly impressed with your survey software – thanks again for the fantastic service you have provided.

- Ms Fleur Edwards

What a pleasure it has been to work with your system and your team. Issues are always politely and speedily dealt with and nothing is ever a hassle.

- Ms Natalie McCormack

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